Little Works in Progress Pediatric Therapy is a therapist-owned company dedicated to providing all of God’s children the opportunity to grow and face their many challenges.

Little Works in Progress Pediatric Therapy provides comprehensive speech, occupational, physical therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children using the most advanced methodology available. Using a team approach, we are committed to the challenges of reaching each child’s maximum potential, helping build self-esteem and teaching self-reliance.

Treatment programs are individually designed for each child, in partnership with the family, using therapeutic techniques selected for the child based on information gathered from our evaluations, our clinical experience, and current research. We develop realistic goals for children to reach their highest potential in a supportive and fun environment.


Each therapist holds the following relevant requirements specific to their field:

  • Hold a valid state license from the Board of Examiners
  • Have passed the national certification exam
  • Hold a Bachelor or Masters degree from an accredited university
  • Member of the Autism Society of America and the National Coalition of Auditory Processing Disorders